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Old News (Spring 2002)

  • Congratulations David Atkinson, Paul-Martin Foss, Mason Herring, Grady Leach, Will Martin, Jordan Martins, Smith McAulay, Alan Wray, and David Womack on your graduation.

  • Thanks to our buddy Strick who was nice enough to get this webpage up and running for us.

  • Won the Community Service Challenge for Fraternities for the Spring.

  • IM B league Basketball champions.

  • Raised over $1000 for the Appalachian Womens Guild in our Second Annual Ladies of Lambda Chi.

  • Recently mentioned in the Crossed Swords for having some some of the lowest insurance rates in the US and Canada. Still extremely risky.

  • We were ranked 3rd in academics, with a combined GPA of 3.017.

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