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The Associate Member Program

One thing that makes Lambda Chi unique is its Associate Member program. All members are treated as equals from the day they join. As a man goes through the Associate member program, he learns first-hand what it's like to be a brother. Associate members are allowed to hold office, attend meetings, and vote on nearly all matters that come before the chapter. At Lambda Chi Alpha, we believe "that it is the duty of every man to make of himself a man, and that he can do so through his own effort, with the help of God and his fellow man" (taken from the Associate Member Ceremony.) In furtherance of this ideal, Lambda Chi Alpha has a long-standing anti-hazing policy:

Associate Members are not hazed under any circumstances. Period.

When a man gets a Lambda Chi bid, he can be assured that he was invited to join because of who he is. We are not interested in breaking people down to a sub-human level so that we can build them into a brother. At Lambda Chi, Associate Members grow very close to their class and the chapter. In the end, the Associate Member program fosters a sense of acceptance, unity, security, and true brotherly love.

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